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3.4 Armadura

This window consists of five tabs where all settings for the reinforcement are specified. Since the surfaces to be designed often require different specifications, you can define so-called "reinforcement groups" in each RF-CONCRETE Surfaces case. Each reinforcement group manages the reinforcement parameters that apply to particular surfaces.

Figura 3.24 Window 1.4 Reinforcement with three reinforcement groups
Grupo de armaduras

To create a new reinforcement group, click the button in the Reinforcement Group section. The number is automatically assigned. A user-defined Description helps you to overlook all reinforcement groups available in the design case.

To select the desired reinforcement group, use the No. list or click the entries in the navigator.

With the button, you can remove the selected reinforcement group from the design case without any further warning. Hence, surfaces that were contained in such a reinforcement group are not designed. To design them, you must assign them to a new or an existing reinforcement group.

Applied to Surfaces

This section allows you to specify the surfaces that the parameters of the current reinforcement group apply to. By default, All surfaces are preset. If the corresponding check box is selected, you cannot create another reinforcement group because a surface cannot be designed according to different rules (this is only possible in "design cases", see chapter 8.1). The All check box must therefore be cleared to use several reinforcement groups.

In the input field, you can enter the numbers of the surfaces that the reinforcement parameters in the tabs below apply to; you can also select them graphically in the RFEM work window with . Only surface numbers that have not yet been assigned to other reinforcement groups can be entered in the input field.