Mudar para o modo de ecrã inteiro Sair do modo de ecrã inteiro

4.3 Início dos cálculos

You can start the [Calculation] in every input window of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces by clicking the corresponding button.

RF-CONCRETE Surfaces searches for the results of the load cases, load combinations, and result combinations to be designed. If they cannot be found, the RFEM calculation for determining the design-relevant internal forces starts first.

Também pode iniciar o cálculo na interface do utilizador do RFEM. The To Calculate dialog box (menu item Calculate → To Calculate) lists the design cases of the add-on modules such as load cases or load combinations.

Figura 4.9 To Calculate dialog box

If the design cases of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces are missing in the Not Calculated list, select All or Add-on Modules in the drop-down list below.

To transfer the selected RF-CONCRETE Surfaces cases to the list on the right, use . Clique em [OK] para iniciar o cálculo.

Para calcular diretamente um caso de dimensionamento, utilize a lista pendente na barra de ferramentas. Set the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces case and then click the [Show Results] button.

Figura 4.10 Direct calculation of an RF-CONCRETE Surfaces design case in RFEM

You can subsequently observe the calculation process in a dialog box.