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Защита данных - Google+

  1. Data protection provisions about the application and use of Google+

    On this website, the controller has integrated the Google+ button as a component. Google+ is a so-called social network. A social network is a social meeting place on the internet, an online community, which usually allows users to communicate with each other and interact in a virtual space. A social network may serve as a platform for the exchange of opinions and experiences, or enable the internet community to provide personal or business-related information. Google+ allows users of the social network, among other things, the creation of private profiles, to upload photos, and it provides networking via friend requests.
  2. The operating company of Google+ is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States.
  3. With each visit to one of the individual pages of this website, which is operated by the controller and on which a Google+ button has been integrated, the internet browser on the information technology system of the data subject is automatically prompted by the respective Google+ button component to download a depiction of the corresponding Google+ button from Google. In the course of this technical procedure, Google gains knowledge of which specific sub-page of our website was visited by the data subject. More detailed information about Google+ is available at https://developers.google.com/+/.
  4. With each visit to our website by the data subject and for the entire duration of their stay on our website, Google can determine which specific sub-pages of our website were visited by the data subject, if the data subject is logged in on Google+ at the same time. This information is collected through the Google+ button and associated with the respective Google+ account of the data subject.
  5. If the data subject clicks on one of the Google+ button integrated on our website and thus gives a Google+1 recommendation, Google associates this information with the personal Google+ user account of the data subject and stores the personal data. Google stores the Google +1 recommendation of the data subject, making it publicly available in accordance with the terms and conditions accepted by the data subject in this regard. Subsequently, a Google +1 recommendation given by the data subject on this website is processed and stored on other Google services, such as results of the Google search engine, the Google account of the data subject, or in other places, e.g. on websites or in relation to advertisements, together with other personal data, such as the Google+ account name and photo used by the data subject. Google is also able to link the visit to this website with other personal data stored on Google. Google further records this personal information with the purpose of improving or optimizing the various Google services.
  6. Whenever the data subject is logged in to Google+ while visiting our website, Google receives information that the data subject visited our website via the Google+ button. This occurs regardless of whether the data subject clicks on the Google+ button or not.
  7. If the data subject does not wish to transmit personal data to Google, they may prevent such transmissions by logging out of their Google+ account before visiting our website.
  8. Further information and the privacy policy of Google can be found at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/. More references from Google about the Google +1 button can be found  at https://developers.google.com/+/web/buttons-policy.


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