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Knowledge Base of Dlubal Software

23 June 2017

Structural engineers are often faced with complex tasks. Then they are glad if a reliable source of information is available. Dlubal Software provides a comprehensive knowledge database on its website, available to everyone.

Bending Beam with Circular Opening

22 June 2017

This article presents a bending beam with a circular opening analysed using the numerical method. As a reference point, there is an example of a perforated beam from [1].

Revit Interface: Export

21 June 2017

BIM is often used when it comes to data management in civil engineering. The individual disciplines of architecture, structural design, construction, and structural monitoring are coming closer together. Building Information Modeling makes this possible.

Calculating Critical Load Factor for Linear Buckling Analysis

20 June 2017

Buckling analysis according to the effective width method or the reduced stress method is based on the determination of the system critical load, hereinafter called LBA (linear buckling analysis). This article explains the analytical calculation of the critical load factor as well as utilisation of the finite element method (FEM).

Downstand Beams, Ribs, T-Beams: Shear Joints

16 June 2017

In the construction process, it is often necessary to fabricate the concrete elements in sections. A classic example of this production in sections is the use of prefabricated downstand beams, in which the slab is completed in the on‑site concrete construction.

Loading According to EN 1991-1-4 and Safety Against Overturning of Circular Cylinders

14 June 2017

This article describes the determination of force coefficients by using a wind load and the calculation of a stability factor due to overturning.

Loads on Silo Hopper According to EN 1991-4

13 June 2017

With an example of a free standing cylindrical silo for cement with a conical hopper, filling loads of the silo hopper are calculated.

Member Rotation Angle

8 June 2017

In spatial structures, a member position plays an important role in terms of determining internal forces. The orientation of member axes can be defined either by a global cross‑section rotation angle or by a specific member rotation angle. These two angles are added in order to determine the position of the main axes of a member in a 3D model.

Dlubal Info Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia

7 June 2017

The first Information Day of Dlubal Software in Slovenia proved to be a great success. Dlubal Software introduced itself with a customer-focused presence and provided informative presentations.

Result Combinations 2: Application Example and Comparison with Load Combinations

7 June 2017

The previous article Result Combinations 1 explained the basic principles of result combinations on simple examples. This article describes a further application case, which combines the definition options of Example 1 and Example 2. Likewise, the effort should be compared to a combination by means of load combinations.

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