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Design of Fillet Welds According to EN 1993-1-8

18 August 2017

A fillet weld is the most common weld type in steel building construction. According to EN 1993‑1‑8, (1), fillet welds may be used for connecting structural parts where the fusion faces form an angle between 60° and 120°.

Columns Subjected to Tensile Stress in RF-/JOINTS Steel - Column Base

16 August 2017

The product range of Dlubal Software contains various modules for design of steel and timber connections. The RF‑/JOINTS Steel - Column Base add‑on module allows you to analyse footings of hinged or restrained steel column bases.

Load Combinations for Pipe Stresses due to Occasional Loads

11 August 2017

The add‑on modules RF‑PIPING and RF‑PIPING Design allow you to design piping systems according to EN 13480‑3, among other standards. In this case, the determination of pipe stresses is based on the formulas of Section 12.3 Flexibility analysis.

Determination of Internal Pressure Coefficient cpi for One-Storey Buildings According to EN 1991-1-4

9 August 2017

Wind is the only climatic load acting on every single type of structure in the entire world, different from other loads like snow, for example. The wind size depends on the geographical location of the structure.

New in RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8 Brochure

9 August 2017

Get more information about new features in the current customer versions of RFEM 5.10.01 and RSTAB 8.10.01 as well as for the stand‑alone programs in the brochure ‘New in RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8’.

Video: Stability Analysis with RF-STABILITY & RF-IMP

3 August 2017

Watch the new video and learn how to determine buckling shapes and imperfections using the add‑on modules RF‑STABILITY and RF‑IMP.

Imperfections According to EN 1993-1-1, Section 5.3.2: Global Initial Sway Imperfection

2 August 2017

According to EN 1993‑1‑1, it is necessary to use the equivalent geometric imperfections with values that reflect the possible effects of all types of imperfections. EN 1993‑1‑1, Section 5.3, specifies basic imperfections for global analysis of frames as well as member imperfections.

Spatial and Planar Load Display

1 August 2017

In RFEM, structures can be modelled and analysed in a spatial environment. The permanent 3D visualization helps to better understand complex models and to represent the force flux. However, it is also possible to switch from a spatial mode to a planar sheet mode in the documentation of a calculation.

Post-Critical Analysis

28 July 2017

In the case of a post‑critical failure, a substantial change in the geometry of a structure occurs. After reaching the instability of the equilibrium, a stable, strong position is reached again. The post‑critical analysis requires an experimental approach. It is necessary to manually load the structure in increments step by step.

Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge in Neckartenzlingen, Germany

27 July 2017

The S‑shaped pedestrian and cycling bridge with the straight middle section across the Neckar river in Neckartenzlingen, Germany, has a total length of 96.30 m and a width of 3.00 m.

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