Eden Project,Humid Tropics Biome,康瓦耳郡,英国


Structural Engineering MERO-TSK International GmbH & Co. KG
Max-Mengeringhausen-Str. 5
D-97084 Würzburg, Germany
Investor Millenium Buildings, England

Length: 179.95 m | Width: 130.80 m | Height: 62.45 m | Weight: 343.2 t
Nodes: 2,525 | Members: 7,545 | Materials: 2 | Cross-Sections: 49

The structure was created in CAD and imported into RSTAB.

Load cases and result combinations comply with the British standard BS 5950. The building was calculated according to the second‑order analysis.

The original vision of the project came from the anthropologist and archeologist Tim Smit.

The architectural design was done by Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners, London, after preliminary structural design by MERO.


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