Meran 水疗及游泳馆大厅,意大利南蒂罗尔



意大利 RSTAB 钢结构

结构设计 Frener & Reifer Metallbau GmbH
Alfred-Ammon-Straße 31
39042 Brixen, Italy

Length: 47.50 m | Width: 46 m | Height: 14.62 m | Weight: 164 t
Nonlinear Effects: tension members
Number of Nodes: 155 | Members: 278 | Materials: 3 | Cross-Sections: 7

The structure consists of rigid rectangular hollow section columns bearing a roof structure rigid in two directions.

The model was calculated according to the second-order analysis, considering an inclination and precamber.

In addition, the hollow section columns were reinforced and concrete-lined, and analyzed as composite columns in order to reach the fire resistance class of F30 and increase the horizontal stiffness of the model.

The structure was mounted in January 2004.


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