Marina Hotel Kressbronn-Gohren,德国博登湖



德国 RFEM 钢筋混凝土结构

结构设计 Ingenieurbüro Rohmer GmbH
Laupheim, Germany
建筑学 Götz Siegmann
Langenargen, Germany
建造 Project Management
Ingenieurbüro Ugo Mordasini
Langenargen, Germany

Georg Reisch GmbH & Co. KG
Bad Salgau, Germany
投资商 Meichle + Mohr GmbH
Kressbronn, Germany

Length: 40.9 m | Width: 32.0 m | Height: 15.7 m | Weight: 2,106 t
Number of Members: 123 | Surfaces: 92 | Materials: 1 | Cross-Sections: 6

The marina hotel is situated between Friedrichshafen and Lindau, on Lake Constance, one of the most attractive regions in Germany.

However, this exclusive location offers some challenges which must be considered in the structural engineering. For example, actions due to wind and earthquakes are considerably increased in the area around the lake.

Structure and Analysis

The entire design of the multi-storey hotel has been carried out in a spatial FEA model of RFEM. In addition to the load cases self-weight, live load, snow and wind, equivalent seismic loads have been taken into account.

The building consisting of several segments is stiffened by reinforced concrete frames and a staircase core. Due to the structure‘s shape and the requirement to determine the natural frequencies, it had been obvious that a spatial calculation would be advantageous.

The hotel has a length of 40.9 m, a width of 32 m and a height of 15.7 m. The total weight is approximately 2,100 tons.

The structural model consists of 626 nodes, 92 surfaces and 123 members. The FE mesh has 12,758 nodes and 12,923 finite elements.

The calculation time for all load cases (linear analysis) was about 30 seconds.

Mr. Rohmer, responsible structural engineer: “The multi-storey hotel building is located in the seismic zone 2. RFEM made it possible to model and calculate the complex geometry in a realistic way. By using the add‑on module RF‑DYNAM, seismic design could be performed without any problems. With a conventional analysis, a realistic calculation of the structure wouldn’t have been possible and would have led to significantly increased construction costs.”

Programs Used for Structural Analysis


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