Dlubal 软件计算建筑文物纪念碑,吴哥,柬埔寨


Structural Engineering Czech research team in Angkor:
Project director:
Dr. Karel Kranda
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Nuclear Physics Institute
Head of research:
Doc. Ing. Jan Pašek, Ph.D.
Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague
Department of Building Structures
Team members:
Ing. Jiří Svoboda
Ing. Hansley Pravin Gaya
Otakar Veverka

Several structures have been analyzed.

Stone monuments in the Angkor archaeological park, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are now largely deteriorated and the state of the preserved ones is rapidly getting worse. Thus, international experts are intensely looking into causes of the poor technical condition of these important monuments and are trying to find suitable solutions for their rehabilitation.

The Czech research team participates in saving these monuments in Angkor as well, with the five-year research project "Thermal Imaging and Structural Analysis of Sandstone Monuments in Angkor". The Dlubal Software program RFEM was used to create numerical models and carry out the structural analysis.


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