G3 购物中心,奥地利


结构设计 ATP Architects and Engineers
Vienna, Austria
建造 Main Contractor
Leyrer + Graf Baugesellschaft mbH
Gmünd, Austria

Timber Construction
Graf-Holztechnik GmbH
Horn, Austria
投资商 HY Immobilien Ypsilon GmbH
(subsidiary of BAI Bauträger Austria Immobilien GmbH)
Vienna, Austria

Several partial structures were calculated for the project. The following data belong to the part shown below.

Length: ~ 162 m | Width: ~ 157 m | Height: ~ 26 m
Nodes: 1,024 | Members: 1,942 | Materials: 15 | Cross-Sections: 311

In Gerasdorf, a municipality in the north of Vienna, the G3 Shopping Resort is currently being built. It represents the largest construction project that has ever been announced for cross‑laminated timber, being the biggest construction site for timber in Europe.

More than 8,000 m³ of cross-laminated timber and approx. 3,500 m³ of glued-laminated beams were used for the construction work. Both the architecturally sophisticated design and the complexstructural calculation are penned by ATP Architects & Engineers, the Austrian customer of Dlubal Software. The structural analysis was created under the leadership of Dipl.‑Ing. Gustav Trefil.

The building is Austria's largest shopping center that has ever been built in one building phase.

Giant Wave Made of Timber

The project's architectural as well as structural highlight is the huge timber roof rolling across an area of 60,000 m², spanning the building like a giant wave. It has been designed by the Austrian company Graf‑Holztechnik.

The primary construction consisting of heavy glulam beams is based on steel and reinforced concrete columns with a height of up to 20 m. The structure supports the record amount of approximately 8,000 m³ of cross‑laminated timber slabs. The three- and five-layer panels have a thickness of 12 to 24 cm and a span length of up to 10 m.

Designers have calculated the thickness for each slab in order to dimension the construction as slender and efficient as possible.

Environment-Friendly and Visually Appealing

The project's energy balance is really impressive. Due to the use of timber as construction material, more than 23,000 t of CO2 has been saved.

Because of the high roof level (up to 20 m) the timber structure was installed and "ground in industry quality" in order to obtain the ideal balance between costs and visual appearance.

The timber structure is largely visible, making a significant contribution to the desired feel and comfort factor of the Shopping Resort.



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