New Saldome2 Building,Rheinfelden,瑞士



瑞士 RSTAB 木结构

Structural Engineering Häring Projekt AG
Processed by R. Schneider, C. Zihlmann
Investor Schweizer Rheinsalinen AG

Length: 120 m | Width: 120 m | Height: 31.6 m
Number of Nodes: 211 | Members: 582 | Materials: 1 | Cross-Sections: 1

In May 2012, the new Saldome2 of the Swiss company Salt Works on the Rhine AG was officially put into operation. With a span length of 120 m and a height of 31.6 m the salt storage is the biggest dome structure in Europe.

It was designed and built by Häring, a Swiss company specialized in timber technology. The structural analysis was performed by Häring engineers, R. Schneider and C. Zihlmann, using the Dlubal Software programs RSTAB and TIMBER Pro.


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