Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain 德国,杜伊斯堡


Structural Engineering ifb frohloff staffa kühl ecker, Berlin, Germany
Investor Capital of Culture Office Duisburg, Germany

Length: ~ 40 m | Width: ~ 39 m | Height: ~ 21 m | Weight: ~ 60 t
Number of Nodes: 258 | Members: 265 | Materials: 2 | Cross-Sections: 10

From afar visitors see a roller coaster standing alone on a green hill. When approaching they understand why the air of a typical fair is missing in its surroundings.

It is not a roller coaster running with high speeds but an accessible construction with a stairway of all in all 215 m. It is not possible, however, to pass through the structure in one run because the looping is an obstacle that cannot be overcome.


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