Wörgl Zentrum Lenk,奥地利沃格尔


结构设计 Structural Analysis, Final and Detail Planning
AGA-Bau-Planungs GmbH
Kufstein, Austria

BIM Consulting
b.i.m.m GmbH
Austria, Netherlands, Germany
建筑学 riccione Architekten
Innsbruck, Austria
Rum (near Innsbruck), Austria

The following data belong to the RFEM model of house B.

Length: 56.5 m | Width: 54.5 m | Height: 22.5 m | Weight: ~ 11 m t
Number of Members: 72 | Surfaces: 419 | Materials: 21 | Cross-Sections: 14

In autumn 2012, construction has started in Wörgl, Austria for an apartment complex that is, by request of the building owner, completely planned and designed as a BIM model including structural analysis, work planning, call for tenders, etc.

Special software tools of b.i.m.m GmbH, an Austrian company for building information model management, were used to allow the cooperation of the architects, structural engineers and company technicians working together efficiently within the same 3D model. Basic software used during the project are RFEM and the Autodesk programs Revit Architecture and Revit Structure for which Dlubal Software provides a direct interface.

Modeling and Analysis

The entire model has been entered in Revit. Input includes more than 1,000,000 structural components (including guard railing, etc.). All structural specifications and load cases have also been entered in Revit Structure.

Then, the analytical model has been transferred to RFEM by means of the direct interface. The interface is bidirectional, which means that data transfer is performed in both directions. If structural components are changed in RFEM, they can be exported easily to Revit and vice versa.

RFEM has been used to carry out structural calculations and to design the concrete construction. The RFEM add‑on modules RF‑CONCRETE and RF‑PUNCH have completed the calculation.


The entire project covers an enclosed space of approximately 40,000 m³. It is divided into two calculation sections: House A and House B.

Other characteristics of the structural models are:

  • House A:
    Materials: 11 | Surfaces: 362 | Cross-sections: 7 | Members: 75 | Weight: approx. 10 m t
  • House B:
    Materials: 21 | Surfaces: 419 | Cross-sections: 14 | Members: 72 | Weight: approx. 11 m t



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