Loisach 河 "Walsersteg" 斜拉桥


Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Robert Buxbaum
Wolfratshausen, Germany
Investor City of Wolfratshausen, Germany

Length: ~ 61 m | Width: ~ 6 m | Height: ~ 16 m; Nonlinear Effects: cable
Number of Nodes: 40 | Members: 28 | Materials: 3 | Cross-Sections: 7

In October 2013, the "Walsersteg", a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists built across the Loisach river, was opened in the south of the old town of Wolfratshausen in Germany. The bridge connects the existing traffic ways on both sides of the river.

The uncovered bridge spans across the Loisach without any columns and has a pylon guyed on one side. The structure has a width of 3 m and a span width of 46 m.


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