Bahá’í 教堂,智利,南美洲



智利 RFEM 钢结构

Structural Engineering Structural analysis, construction and completion (steel and roofing):
Josef Gartner GmbH, Würzburg, Germany

Length: ~ 34 m | Width: ~ 34 m | Height: ~ 30 m
Number of Nodes: 9,734 | Members: 17,300 | Surfaces: 118 | Finite Elements: 26,348 | Cross-Sections: 66

In Chile, a very extraordinary structure whose construction should be complete at the end of 2014 is currently being built: It is the "temple of light" which is one of eight Bahá’í temples worldwide. The monotheistic Bahá’í religion has about seven millions followers, mainly in India, Iran, Africa as well as in North and South America. It took many decades to plan the temple.


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