"Little Flower" Monastery,英属哥伦比亚,加拿大


Structural Engineering Structural Analysis
Ing. Berger, Ing. Gadner
Merano, Italy
Construction Contractor Company
AHC-Derix, Canada

Construction Design
Styxworks LLC, USA
Investor The Order of Discalced Carmelites Canada

Length: ~ 66 m | Width: ~ 29 m | Height: ~ 11 m
Number of Nodes: 3,522 | Finite Elements: 85,988 | Members: 1,800 | Surfaces: 440

The monastery "Little Flower" was built in 2015, situated in beautiful scenery of green meadows, mountains and crystal-clear lakes. The little monastery is equipped with 18 bedrooms, a chapel, a dining room, a kitchen as well as a conference room.

The monastery building is a pure timber structure. In total, 3,385 m2 of cross‑laminated timber panels and 24 m3 of glued laminated timber were used. The engineers Berger and Gadner from Merano performed the structural analysis. The whole supporting structure was analyzed as 3D model in RFEM.


The 3D model was created in AutoCAD and imported to Dlubal Software using the interface integrated in RFEM.

The surfaces made of cross‑laminated timber for the roof and wall elements were entered as orthotropic surfaces with stiffness matrix. Furthermore, at the junctions, line hinges with spring stiffnesses according to the used fasteners were arranged.

Seismic design was performed in the RF‑DYNAM add-on module according to the Canadian seismic standard NBC 2005.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis


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