Candlewood Suites on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville,亚拉巴马州,美国



美国 RFEM 层压板结构 木结构

Structural Engineering Nordic Structures
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Architecture Benham – formerly known as Leidos
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Investor Lendlease
New York, New York, USA

The new Candlewood Suites on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, opened in 2016, is the first cross‑laminated timber (CLT) hotel constructed in the United States.

This four story hotel with 92 units serves the lodging needs of the Redstone Arsenal Army post. The walls, floors/roof, and stair and elevator shafts feature 1,782 m3 of CLT material and 366 m3 of glulam material.

The structural analysis was performed in RFEM by Nordic Structures and Schaefer.

Modeling and Calculation

The building has the dimensions of approximately W x L x H = 89 m x 26 m x 18 m. The structure was initially modeled in the 3D‑CAD software cadwork.

The model was then imported as multiple DXF background layers for each level into RFEM. These layers were the basis for modeling the members and surfaces. With the use of the RF‑LAMINATE add‑on module, the Nordic cross‑laminated panel properties were defined.

The calculation of the internal forces of the whole structure (taking into account the plate stiffnesses calculated in RF‑LAMINATE) was then performed in RFEM. The design of the structural components was carried out separately.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis


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