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RFEM and RSTAB are two powerful calculation programs for performing designs in timber construction. It is possible to analyze beam structures and in RFEM surfaces as well (for example cross-laminated timber panels). Furthermore, it is possible to perform connection designs.

The model and load input as well as the determination of internal forces is effected in the main programs RSTAB and RFEM, the design in the corresponding add‑on module. The modular structure of RFEM/RSTAB has the advantage that only those add‑on modules which are really needed have to be purchased. Moreover, a purchased license is a lifelong license and there are no running costs like with for example a subscription.

Design of Cross-Laminated Timber Panels in RF‑LAMINATE

The RF‑LAMINATE add‑on module performs stress and deflection analysis of multi-layer surfaces, such as cross‑laminated timber plates. The calculation considers shear coupling and is carried out according to the laminate theory. It is possible to define the single laminate layers manually. In addition, layers of different cross‑laminated timber producers can be used. In the database, layers from the producers Binderholz, Decker, Derix, Haas, KLH, Steico and Stora Enso are available for direct import. The module determines the overall stiffness of the surface from the composition and performs the corresponding designs according to EN 1995‑1‑1 (EC 5) or the American standard ANSI / AWC NDS‑2015.

Design of Members in RFEM/RSTAB

The RF-/TIMBER Pro add‑on module can be used for design of timber members. The design of the ultimate limit state (incl. stability), the serviceability limit state as well as fire resistance is performed according to Eurocode 5 (including National Annexes) or the Swiss standard SIA 265. Further international modules are available and enable the member design according to the timber standards of the USA, Canada, Brazil and South Africa.

Design of Timber Connections in RFEM/RSTAB

RF‑/JOINTS Timber ‑ Steel to Timber is used for the design of joints indirectly connected by means of steel plates. Dowels, bolts, nails and screws are available as dowel-type fasteners. The design is performed in compliance with EN 1995‑1‑1 (Eurocode 5). Furthermore, timber connections of the companies Sigha and Sherpa can be designed with the RF‑/LIMITS add‑on module. User‑defined connections can be designed as well. Therefore, ultimate load capacities for the connections have to be defined. RF /LIMITS then compares the governing internal forces with the limit internal forces.

Timber Design in RX-TIMBER

The RX‑TIMBER stand‑alone programs are perfectly suited for the rapid design of continuous beams, purlins, glued-laminated beams, columns, frames, bracing as well as monopitch and duopitch roofs. They are independent from and do not require the RFEM or RSTAB license. The ultimate and the serviceability limit state as well as fire resistance design are also performed according to Eurocode 5.


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