Line Hinge


Line hinges are used to consider elasticity and decoupling between surfaces.

Line hinges control the connections between surfaces. It is possible to consider entire decouplings of surfaces or elastic couplings by means of linear springs. In concrete construction, a line hinge can be used to define an assembly gap. In timber construction, modelling with line hinges is necessary due to the very limited rotation transmission of forces.

Types of Line Hinges

  • Deformations of each FE node of the line of a surface can be released or coupled with a line hinge in x-, y- and z-direction.
  • The rotation can be released around the longitudinal axis of a line.

Entering in RFEM

Line hinges can be defined by using the menu 'Insert' → 'Model Data' → 'Line Hinges'. In contrast to supports, the degree of freedom is activated for line releases by checking the box (for supports, the degree of freedom is then unchecked).


line hinge elasticity connection


RFEM 5.xx


结构设计与有限元­分析软件(FEA)可以用于建立 平面与空间结构模型,适用于由杆件、面、 板、墙、折板、膜、壳、实体以及接触单元等的建模与分析计算。

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