Line Load


A line load is an idealized load applied to a model by means of a line.

In RFEM, forces and moments can be introduced into the model as line loads. They are usually entered as a force per unit length (for example, kN/m), and it is also possible to define a concentrated line load of the line at any location. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to apply line loads varying over the length.

The line load can only be considered if the line is a part of a surface. Thus, the line load cannot be applied to a member lying outside a surface. For this, it is necessary to use a member load.

The line load in its effect can be related to the local or the global axis system. When using the local axis system, rotation of the line load is possible.

Entering in RFEM

Line loads can be entered and defined in RFEM and RSTAB graphically by clicking 'Insert' → 'Loads' → 'Line Loads' → 'Graphically' or the corresponding toolbar button, or by using tables.


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RFEM 5.xx


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