Line Grid





A line grid is a drawing aid for positioning objects.

A line grid is a one-, two-, or three-dimensional grid whose intersection points represent snap points for the graphical input. It is thus used as a drawing aid for positioning objects.

Entering in RFEM and RSTAB

A line grid can be defined by using the menu 'Insert' → 'Line Grid' or the shortcut menu in the Data navigator.

The following types of a line grid are available:

  • Cartesian
  • Inclined (a grid can be rotated about any axis by any angle of rotation γ)
  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical

The origin of the line grid is defined in the 'Global Position of Insert Point' section.

In the 'Line Grid in X-/Y-/Z-Direction' sections, you can define spacing and the number of spans. The 'Positive' and 'Negative' check boxes control in which direction of the global axis is the line grid generated.

The line grid can be rotated about an axis. For this, there is the sequence in the 'Rotation' section where you can select the sequence of the local grid axes X', Y' and Z'. In the text boxes under 'Rotated about', you can then specify the rotation angle about the global axes X, Y and Z.

If the 'Apply changes in model' check box is activated, the nodes lying in the intersection points of the line grid are adjusted. On all other nodes. the changes have no effect on the line grid.

It is possible to save the line grid as a template by using the [Save As] button and used again by using the [Load Saved Data] button.

You can adjust the display of the line grid by using the buttons under the graphic window. Here you can show or hide the numbering or the user-defined description as well as the dimensions and the axis system of a line grid.

For line grids, there are the graphical editing functions available. This allows you to move or copy the selected line grid.


grid drawing aid guide object


RFEM 5.xx


结构设计与有限元­分析软件(FEA)可以用于建立 平面与空间结构模型,适用于由杆件、面、 板、墙、折板、膜、壳、实体以及接触单元等的建模与分析计算。

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RSTAB 8.xx



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