Form-Finding and Cutting Patterns of Membrane Structures in RFEM




  • Features of the add-on modules RF‑FORM‑FINDING and RF‑CUTTING‑PATTERN
  • Modeling, form-finding and design of a membrane structure
  • Generating of cutting patterns and export to AutoCAD

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:01:43: Introduction
  • Up to 00:04:15: Features of RF‑FORM‑FINDING and RF‑CUTTING‑PATTERN
  • Up to 00:19:50: Fabric/cable modeling and form‑finding process utilizing RF‑FORM‑FINDING
  • Up to 00:34:14: Load application per ASCE 7 load combinations and analysis in RFEM
  • Up to 00:44:40: Design check of membrane and cable elements in RF‑LIMITS
  • Up to 00:50:26: Additional modeling of supporting structure in RFEM
  • Up to 00:56:52: Supporting structure design utilizing RF‑STABILITY, RF‑IMP, and RF‑STEEL AISC
  • Up to 01:07:43: Membrane cutting pattern design and .dxf export with RF‑CUTTING‑PATTERN
  • Up to 01:09:52: Closing remarks


Amy Heilig, M.S., P.E.
CEO of Dlubal Software, Inc. & Customer Support
Amy Heilig is the CEO of the US office located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, she provides sales and technical support and continues to aid in the development of Dlubal Software programs for the American and Canadian market. She is the presenter for this webinar.

M.Eng. Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Andreas Niemeier
Product Engineering & Customer Support
Mr. Niemeier is responsible for the development of RFEM, RSTAB and the modules for tensile membrane structures. In addition, he is responsible for quality assurance and customer support. He is the moderator for this webinar.


tensile, fabric, cables, cutting patterns, form‑finding, tensile structure, fabric structure, cable structure


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