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Deflection in load combination is higher than in loads

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  • Deflection in load combination is higher than in loads

    I have created a simple structural model with timber beams. I am finding however that the deflection in the load combinations is greater than the sum of the deflections in load cases. I have even tried only applying load factors of 1 to eliminate variables, but I am still finding deflections are higher than they should be in the load combinations. Internal forces i.e. shear and bending remain the same. The loading is a vertical member load so there shouldn't be any major second-order effects.

    I changed the material of one beam to steel and the problem disappeared.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hello WolfgangK,

    Have you activated this check box in calculation parameters?


    This reduces the stiffness by gamma_M and increases the deflection.

    Frank Faulstich
    Support Team der
    Dlubal Software GmbH
    [email protected]