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Beams Created with Grasshopper

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  • Beams Created with Grasshopper

    Hi all,

    I am creating some Timber Beams with help of Grasshopper plugin.

    Doing that all beams are created correctly except that the option for dimensioning  is on (on picture "Bemaßungseigenschaften").

    This option does not allow me to do calculation, because I receive notification that some properties needs to be assigned.

    In other case when I create beams directly inside RFEM this option is automatically turn off.

    My question is if there is some type of option on GH Component that will "Bemaßungseigenschaften" not select?

    Thanks a lot for any help
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    Zitat von Frank Faulstich
    Hello Faruk, this option is automatically active if members made of timber have been modeled and the Timber Design add-on is activated.

    Please deactivate the " Timber design" add-on.

    Frank Faulstich
    Thanks a lot, that slows it