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Warping torsion restraints

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  • Warping torsion restraints

    Hello, collegues.

    I Have a few clarifications about ends and intermediate restraints in "warping torsion" module.

    I want to calculate beam which is a part of the multi-storey frame. This beam has rigid ends restraints and two intermidiate restraints - secondary beams and horizontal bracing system. Secondary beams are restricting main beam out of plane and bracing system is restricting main beam in longitudal direction.

    How to define restraints correctly?

    1) I see here ends restraints of the main beam must be hinged in my case. In addition one of them must be free to move in local x direction.

    2) Should I restrain main beam only out of plain or it should be restraned exactly like in the frame? I'm asking that because internal forces in module "warping torsion" are different from internal forces in "steel" module in so doing, main beam restrained exactly like in the frame.

    3) How to define intermediate restraints in case of continious beam which has vertical V-bracing in the middle? I guess it should be restrained in longitudal and verctical directions.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Can you please attach the file (without results) so we can analyze the problems.

    Frank Faulstich
    Support Team der
    Dlubal Software GmbH


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      I can not upload file with format *.rf5t. *.rf5 should be rename to *.rf5t.
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