独立程序模块 RX‑TIMBER Roof 按照欧洲规范 EN 1995-1-1 验算单坡屋面和双坡屋面结构的承载能力极限状态和正常使用极限状态以及进行抗火验算。

  1. Features

    • Design of the following roof types:
      • Flat roof
      • Monopitch roof
      • Duopitch roof (symmetrical / asymmetrical)
    • Definition of any additional support and free selection of degrees of freedom (additional free definition of translational and rotational spring stiffness of supports and releases)
    • Arrangement of up to five collar/tie beams including intermediate support for duopitch roof
    • Automatic generation of wind and snow loads
    • Automatic generation of required combinations for the ultimate and serviceability limit state as well as fire resistance design (additional definition of several member and nodal loads)
    • In EC 5 (EN 1995), the following National Annexes are currently available:
      • United Kingdom BS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2009-10 (United Kingdom)
      •  ÖNORM B 1995-1-1:2015-06 (Austria)
      • Belgium NBN EN 1995-1-1/ANB:2012-07 (Belgium)
      • Bulgaria BDS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2012-02 (Bulgaria)
      • Cyprus CYS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2011-02 (Cyprus)
      •  CSN EN 1995-1-1:2009-07 (Czech Republic)
      •  DK EN 1995-1-1/NA:2011-12 (Denmark)
      •  SFS EN 1995-1-1/NA:2007-11 (Finland)
      •  NF EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-05 (France)
      •  DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2013-08 (Germany)
      •  I.S. EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-03 (Ireland)
      •  UNI EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-09 (Italy)
      •  NEN EN 1995-1-1/NB:2007-11 (Netherlands)
      •  PN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-09 (Poland)
      •  STN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2008-12 (Slovakia)
      •  SIST EN 1995-1-1/A101:2006-03 (Slovenia)
      •  SS EN 1995-1-1 (Sweden)
    • Simple geometry input with illustrative graphics
    • Input of tapered cantilevers with cut-to-grain on the bottom side of rafters
    • Extensive material library that can be extended by user-defined materials
    • Determination of design ratios, support forces, and deformations
    • Color reference scales in results tables
    • Direct data export to MS Excel
    • DXF interface for preparation of production documents in CAD
    • Program languages: English, German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian
    • Verifiable printout report with all required designs available in many languages, for example English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch
  2. Input

    There are various options available for modeling a roof. Graphical representations facilitate the geometry input. Modifications are updated automatically.

    In addition, it is possible to consider cross‑section weakening on supports. Optionally, you can define if the design of support pressure on the rafter side should be performed.

    Permanent loads (for example roof structure) can be entered using the comprehensive and extendable material library. Loads due to cantilevers and collars/ties can be entered separately. The integrated generators allow for comfortable generation of various wind and snow load cases. You can manually add any concentrated and distributed loads.

    For checking purposes, the load cases are displayed graphically and included in automatically generated combinations according to EC 5. Thus, the input is reduced to a minimum. For stability analysis and serviceability limit state design, you can change the data manually, for example to ignore the SLS of cantilevers (roof overhang).

  3. Design

    In RX-TIMBER Roof, the following calculation settings are possible:

    • Selection of the designs to be performed (ULS, SLS, fire resistance)
    • Determination of displaying support forces and deformations
    • Adjusting the recommended limit values for the serviceability limit state
    • Specification of parameters for the fire resistance design to be performed in compliance with the simplified method
    • Increasing strengths according to EN 1995‑1‑1, Clause 3.2
  4. Results

    After calculation, the results of performed designs including all required intermediate values are displayed in clearly arranged result tables sorted by various criteria. Since the program displays the intermediate values in detail, transparency and traceability of all designs is ensured. Furthermore, it is possible to display the distribution of internal forces for each x‑location of the beam in a separate graphical window where you can display the deformations and the individual internal forces.

    Designs with design details and selected result diagrams are summarized in the printout report providing comprehensible and clearly arranged documentation. The printout report can include graphics, descriptions, drawings, and more. Moreover, it is possible to select which calculation data will be covered in the printout.


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