附加模块 RF-LIMITS 按照定义的极限承载力验算杆件、杆件末端、节点、节点支座和面的承载力。

  1. Features

    • Design of member ends, members, nodal supports, nodes, and surfaces
    • Consideration of specified design areas
    • Check of cross-section dimensions
    • Design according to EN 1995-1-1 (standard for timber structures) including the respective National Annexes + DIN 1052 + DSTV DIN EN 1993-1-8
    • Design of various materials such as steel, concrete, and others
    • No necessary linking to specific standards
    • Extendable library including timber and steel fasteners (Standardized connections in steel building design according to DIN EN 1993-1-8)
    • Export to OpenOffice or Excel
    • Optimization of connecting elements (the most utilized element is calculated)
  2. 2-en


    After selecting loads required for the limit check and the relevant standard, if necessary, you can define limit loads in the 1.2 Limit Parameters window. In addition to the manufacturers listed in the limit library, it is possible to add user-defined entries.

    After selecting all limit elements for design, you can optionally define the load duration class (LDC). However, this module window is available only for timber fastener design according to EN 1995-1-1 or DIN 1052.

  3. 3-en


    At first, the governing connection designs are displayed by the respective load case and load or result combination. In addition, it is possible to display results separately for sets of members, surfaces, cross-section, members, nodes, and nodal supports.

    You can reduce the results displayed by means of the filter function and thus create a clearly-arranged result overview.

PRICE for RSTAB (VAT excluded)

  • LIMITS 8.xx

    580.00 USD

  • 附加许可

    261.00 USD