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Is it also possible to access the online service "snow load zones, wind zones and earthquake zones" digitally via an API or a web service?


Yes, the online service "Snow Load Zones, Wind Zones and Earthquake Zones" provides in the background a web service for determining site-specific loads without opening the website.

The web service can be used for all load cards from the visible online service and is controlled via a URL address. In this case, an external process (your application) sends a request URL address to our server (Dlubal) and, as a result, gets the load information in CSV format. For the process to work, the URL must include all the definitions of the load type, norm, geoposition, output language, and user. The final URL then builds from these building blocks.
The load type and standard are defined via the "map" block. The first part describes the load type (z. B. snow, wind or earthquake) and the 2nd part of the standard (z. Din-en-1991-1-3).
→ map = snow-din-en-1991-1-3
The geoposition is defined via the block "place" or "position". The "place" option responds as the Search option in the visible online service. The geoposition is defined here via search terms, address, etc. The "position" option defines the geoposition over geo coordinates in the format [latitude in °, longitude in °].
→ place = fair, düsseldorf
→ position = 51.2624991,6.735927199999992
The output language of the results is defined via the "language" block. The language is defined by an abbreviation (de - German, en - English, etc.)
-> language = en
The identity of the user is defined using the "login" and "hash" blocks. The block "login" describes the email address of the user and the block "hash" a hidden password. For a functioning login, the email address must be stored in a valid Dlubal account. The associated "hash" module can be sent to Dlubal upon request.
→ login = max.patternmann@test.com
→ hash = xyz
From these building blocks, a request URL can finally be generated and sent to our server.
-> https://external-crm.dlubal.com/loadzones/data.aspx?map=snow-din-en-1991-1-3&place=messe, düsseldorf&language=en&login=max.mustermann@test.com&hash=xyz
When sending, the server returns the requested load information in CSV format.
→ see picture 1
In order to be able to send the load queries unrestricted to our server, a geo-zone tool package is necessary. Such a geo-zone tool package gives a certain quota of load queries. With every load query, the quota is reduced by one counter.

Since the web service charges the acquired quota, the identity blocks and the request URL require careful handling with regard to data protection. It is Z. For example, make sure that your program does not make the request URL with identity building blocks an unauthorized third party.


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