Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain,德国杜伊斯堡


结构设计 ifb frohloff staffa kühl ecker
Berlin, Germany
几何 design to production, Arnold Walz
Stuttgart, Germany
艺术家 Heike Mutter, Ulrich Genth
Hamburg, Germany
建筑学 bk2a architektur
Cologne, Germany
投资商 Capital of Culture Office
Duisburg, Germany

From afar visitors see a roller coaster standing alone on a green hill. When approaching they understand why the air of a typical fair is missing in its surroundings.

It is not a roller coaster running with high speeds but an accessible construction with a stairway of all in all 215 m. It is not possible, however, to pass through the structure in one run because the looping is an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

After two years of planning and completion, the big outdoor sculpture called "Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain" was opened to the public in November 2011.

From that time on, the coaster is enthroned on the Heinrich Hildebrand Height, an artificial hill of 30 m heaped up with zinc slag in the South of the German town Duisburg where it is visible from a large distance. In a height of 45 m above ground, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view into the landscape of the Western Ruhr.

The plan of the "roller coaster for pedestrians" was made by artists from Hamburg, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth.


The supporting structure consists of spatially precambered main beam pipes lying on 17 built‑in steel columns.

Cross beams cantilevering on both sides are fixed to the pipe where a walkable grating with a width of 1 m is applied. The span lengths of the main beam pipe vary from 7 to 15 m.

The irregular column arrangement is based on results of a research by structural engineers from Berlin, optimizing the structure's behavior concerning deformation and vibration. Horizontal vibration dampers were installed in significant span areas.


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