RF‑PIPING 模块是 RFEM 用户界面的扩展,用于管道建模,并且可以按规范定义荷载。根据计算需要可以具体定义管道组成件(管子、管件、法兰、阀门等)。此外,该模块集成在 RFEM 中有助于分析支承结构和管道之间的相互作用,并且通过考虑管道中支承结构的柔性使模型尽可能地接近实际。

该模块为 RF‑PIPING Design 附加模块提供了管道设计的基础。

  1. 产品特性

    • Graphical input of pipelines and piping components
    • Illustrative visualization of pipelines and piping components in RFEM graphic window
    • Comprehensive libraries for piping cross‑sections and materials
    • Comprehensive libraries for flanges, reducers, and tees
    • Consideration of piping structure (insulation, lining, tin‑plate)
    • Automatic calculation of stress intensification factors and flexibility factors
    • Specific piping action categories for load cases
    • Optional automatic combinatorics of load cases
    • Selection of linear elastic or thermal elastic material behavior (temperature dependent material properties)
    • Consideration of elongation and straightening due to pressure (Bourdon effect)
    • Interaction between a supporting structure and a pipeline
  2. Graphical representation of pipelines with loads in RFEM

    使用 RF-PIPING

    After activating the RF‑PIPING add‑on module, a new toolbar is available in RFEM and the project navigator and tables are extended. Piping modeling is performed in a similar way as members. Pipe bends are defined by using tangents (straight pipe sections) and bend radius at the same time. Thus, it is easy to subsequently change bend parameters.

    Continuous pipe sections are defined as sets of pipelines. For piping loads, member loads are assigned to the respective load cases. The combination of loads is included in piping load combinations and result combinations. After the calculation, you can display deformations, member internal forces and support forces graphically or in tables.

    Pipe stress analysis according to standards can then be performed in the RF‑PIPING Design add‑on module. You only need to select the relevant sets of pipelines and load situations.


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PRICE for RFEM (VAT excluded)

  • RF-PIPING 5.xx

    1,750.00 USD

  • 附加许可

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