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Germany RFEM 钢结构 建筑结构

结构设计 Structural and façade design, building physics
office for structural design
osd GmbH & Co. KG
建筑师 msm meyer schmitz-morkramer
Cologne, Germany
建造 Main Contractor
Baugesellschaft Zabel GmbH
Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
投资商 BVB Merchandising mbH
Dortmund, Germany

The following data relate to the model with the rounding.

Length: ~ 17 m | Width: ~ 5 m | Height: ~ 10 m
Number of Nodes: 98 | Members: 241 | Cross-Sections: 6

Right at the start of the German Bundesliga season, the new BVB-FanWelt at the Signal Iduna Park was opened. It is not intended to use the open and generously designed building only for merchandising but also to give the BVB fans the possibility to discover and experience a lot of things, for example the stylized south stand, the legendary "yellow wall".

The architectural draft was designed by the Cologne architects msm meyer schmitz-morkramer. The structural planning was carried out among others by the customer of Dlubal Software, company osd GmbH & Co. KG from Frankfurt.

Supporting Structure

The inner columns have been reduced to a minimum to maximize the flexibility in the interior. Thus, the floor spans are up to 17 m. The ceilings and columns were built as reinforced concrete composite constructions. So it was possible to use slim and high load-bearing elements which do not require any additional fire protection coating.

The significant "rounding" encloses the building on the west side. The welded steel construction made of I‑sections spans two floors. The weldment in a polygonal design has a diameter of about 9 m. It is accessible in the interior and contains stands with original stadium seats in front of the "yellow wall".

Another highlight in the interior is the spatially curved stairway made of steel plates.

The BVB-FanWelt is an aesthetically pleasing building which combines all functions relating to the fans under one roof.


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结构设计与有限元­分析软件(FEA)可以用于建立 平面与空间结构模型,适用于由杆件、面、 板、墙、折板、膜、壳、实体以及接触单元等的建模与分析计算。

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RFEM 钢结构和铝合金结构



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