RFEM 附加模块 RF-PIPING Design




使用 RF‑PIPING Design 附加模块可以进行管道分析。通过该程序可将现有管道应力与 ASME B31.1 和 ASME B31.3 中的容许应力进行比较分析。

RF‑PIPING Design 中的分析是基于 RF‑PIPING 模块中的管道模型。

  1. 产品特性

    • Design according to ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3
    • Analysis of stresses due to sustained loads, sustained and occasional loads as well as due to thermal expansion
    • Result documentation with tables and graphics in the RFEM printout report
  2. Graphical representation of pipeline analysis results in RFEM

    使用 RF-PIPING Design

    After modeling pipelines in RFEM using RF‑PIPING and defining loads as well as load and result combinations, you can carry out pipe stress analysis in the RF‑PIPING Design add‑on module.

    It is necessary to select pipelines and the relevant loads as well as load or result combinations for piping design. The material library provides various materials conforming with the standard ASME B31.1 and B31.3.

    After the calculation, the results are displayed in clearly arranged windows, for example by cross‑section, by pipeline, or by members. It is also possible to display the design ratio graphically on the entire model in RFEM. Thus, you can quickly recognize critical or over-sized areas.

    In addition to input and result data including design details shown in tables, you can add any graphic into the printout report. In this way, a comprehensible and clearly arranged documentation is guaranteed. You can select the report contents and results extent specifically for the individual designs.

PRICE for RFEM (VAT excluded)

  • RF-PIPING Design 5.xx

    1,480.00 USD

  • 附加许可

    666.00 USD