Stresses for Weld Seam Design


In RF-STEEL Surfaces, it is possible to display the stresses relevant for the design of welds according to EN 1993‑1‑8, Figure 4.5, for example. When evaluating the stress ratio, the local axis system xyz of surfaces has to be taken into account.

The example shows the weld connection of a frame joint. The surface y‑xis of a truss flange is parallel to the weld axis. For the superposition of stresses according to EN 1993‑1‑8, Eq. (4.1), the following stresses are to be considered:

  • σ ┴ (normal stress vertical to the weld axis): σx,m
  • σ ‖ (normal stress parallel to the weld axis, negligible): σy,m
  • τ ┴ (shear stress vertical to the weld axis): τxz
  • τ ‖ (shear stress parallel to the weld axis): τxy,m

The stress ratios can be set in the Results navigator and displayed in the FE mesh points.



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