Černý Most 购物中心 Food Court 屋盖结构,捷克布拉格



Czech Republic RFEM 钢结构

结构设计 Helika a.s.
Prague, Czech Republic

The construction of the extended shopping mall Centrum Černý Most in Prague was finished and opened in March 2013. The project was designed by the architects from the British firm Benoy.

From architectural point of view, the most impressive structural component of the shopping mall Černý Most is the partially glazed roof over the food court. This is where the design of the featured steel structure found its use.


Good cooperation between the conceptual architect and structural engineers led to a decision in favor of the structural design with specific geometry which at first glance gives the impression of irregularities. However, a closer look reveals the natural lines of the main beams are curved to form the so-called "snakes" and are regularly placed at eight meter intervals in the basic module grid of the entire structure.

The main beams are tall welded box sections. The snakes curve in the ground plan with a radius of one meter. They seem to differ from one another, but they have identical geometry. The ground plan in the characteristic part of the roof consists of a beam with two bends that is alternately mirrored about the vertical plane in the transverse and then in the longitudinal direction of the roof.

The stability of the main beams is secured by secondary beams of a similar but the more subtile cross‑section. The secondary beams weave through each other and mutually support themselves in every field. The production and assembly were challenging. The individual parts of the snake beams were welded on the spot.

The structural model for the internal forces analysis and design was created in the structural engineering program RFEM.


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