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关于结构分析和 Dlubal 软件应用的技术文章

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Dlubal Software products are tailored to general engineering calculations. Qualified specialist hotline provides users with the technical support for the software. The different levels of the service are regulated in service contracts. Basically, every user can ask our service team technical questions. Dlubal Software takes all these questions seriously and answers them within the scope of the existing service contracts and other agreements.

The customer support is characterized by a prompt and quick response time, which delivers an answer within 24 hours on weekdays, if possible. Suitable personnel of Dlubal Software is flexibly available according to the amount of questions and requests received. The customers with a valid service contract always have priority over the customers without a service contract.

In order to ensure the correct software operation, Dlubal Software provides technical training sessions for the programs. A training allows users to get quickly familiar with the software under the guidance of qualified specialists.