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Stato: 2022

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When using Dlubal programs, personal data may be further processed insofar as the processing is necessary for issues relating to the application of the software, solving possible problems in current or future versions or integrating required functions in future versions. 

Lawfulness of processing

The processing is based on the legal basis described in Art. 6 I lit. b GDPR (processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract).

Authorization file

The authorization file contains the company or user name as well as the address of the company or user. The Author.ini contains specific information about the product key and is necessary for the software licensing. The registered company or user name as well as the address will be also preset in the prinout report header.

Data collection in history, Project Manager and Windows information

The full Windows user name is saved in the history of an RSTAB/RFEM file.

the following data are saved in an RSTAB/RFEM file and can be made visible in the Project Manager:

  • Full Windows user name
  • Used module
  • Creation and change date
  • Editing time
  • Customer number

If a plug-in is installed for the Windows Explorer, user name as well as creation and change date of a file are visible there.


Data collection in the Windows system information

When using the "System Diagnoses" function, an analysis of the computer will be performed with the tool MSInfo32 of Microsoft and system information will be generated. When using the "System Info" button, the Windows system information will be opened and saved as a file.

This file contains information about hardware ressources, components and software environment which are related to the corresponding user.

Data processing of support and quality management

Users of Dlubal Software can use different channels to send requests: by phone/fax, e-mail or using a form on our website (Ask Individual Question/Submit Program Feature or Idea/Report Problem or Program Issue).

The data submitted with your request are first processed in our CRM system to process the request.

The following data are processed in our development database (NetGenium) if required for processing the request:

  • User-related data
    • Company name
    • Customer number
    • Name of the contact person
    • E-mail address if required
  • Hardware
    • Operating system
  • Software
    • Program
    • Version
    • Problem description
  • Files
    • File name
    • Models, screenshots

Data transfer and its recipients

These personal data are transferred to our legally independent subsidiaries in the shared CRM system and the development database (NetGenium). Find more information about the Dlubal subsidiaries at:

Moreover, we allow our provider for software development access to these personal data in the shared development database (NetGenium).

Depending on the user's country, the request may also be forwarded to our local resellers which are in charge of further processing.

Find more information about Dlubal resellers at:


Data security

The personal data are exclusively transferred via HTTPS encryption or VPN connection.

Utilizzo di file di registro

La nuova generazione di programmi RFEM 6 e RSTAB 9 consente l'invio di file di registro alla nostra azienda tramite la registrazione online. Questo ci consente di analizzare e migliorare al meglio i nostri programmi per le tue applicazioni. Per impostazione predefinita, questa impostazione è attivata nelle opzioni del programma. Puoi disattivare il tuo consenso nei programmi in qualsiasi momento.


Contatta Dlubal

In caso di ulteriori domande sulle nostre informazioni sulla protezione dei dati e sul trattamento dei dati personali, è possibile contattare direttamente il nostro responsabile interno della protezione dei dati o inviarci una email a [email protected] .

Il nostro responsabile della protezione dei dati è disponibile anche in caso di richieste di informazioni, suggerimenti o reclami sulla protezione dei dati.

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