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Printout report RFEM RSTAB

In the printout report, you have the possibility to insert a graphic from the Clipboard. I have tried this with the formats pdf, bmp, jpeg, and tiff, but to no avail.

Which formats can be inserted and how do I get the graphic to the Clipboard?


The printout report supports the format WMF.

However, this does not mean that only WMF files can be used in the printout report. When a program copies data to the Clipboard, you can save these files in several formats, and most programs support this.

The program in which you want to insert the data selects the corresponding format.

If you copy data to the "Paint" program, the WMF format (as in the printout report) is always supported.

To insert the graphics, proceed as follows:

  • Open Paint ([Start] --> [All Programs] --> [Accessories])
  • In Paint, open the corresponding graphic. Paint supports, for example, the formats bmp, jpg, gif, png, tiff, ico.
  • Click the button "Select --> Select All"
  • Click the button "Copy"
  • Open the printout report
  • Select on the menu Insert --> Image from Clipboard
  • Specify a title for the graphic.

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