Ejemplos de verificación

Equivalent Loads

A cantilever beam with I-beam cross-section of length L is defined. The beam has five mass points with masses m acting in X-direction. The self-weight is neglected. The frequencies, the mode shapes and the equivalent loads of this 5-DOF system are analytically calculated and compared with results from RSTAB and RFEM.

Cantilever Beam (SDOF) with Periodic Excitation

Time history analysis of a cantilever beam (SDOF system) excited by a periodic function. Vertical deformations and accelerations calculated with the direct integration and the modal analysis in RF-/DYNAM Pro Forced Vibrations are compared with the analytical solution.

Natural Vibrations of a Planar Truss Structure

A planar truss structure is simply supported. The aim of this verification example is to determine the natural frequencies of the structure.

Transient Response to a Constant Force

A long thin beam is carrying a concentrated mass and it is loaded by means of the time dependent force. It is simply supported. The problem is described by the following parameters. Determine the deflections in given test times.

Modal Analysis of the Cantilever

A steel cantilever of rectangular cross-section is fully fixed on one side and free on the other side. The aim of this verification example is to determine the natural frequencies of the structure.

Single Mass System Oscillation

A single mass system is subjected to the loading force. Determine the deflection of the system.

Combined Loading – Reduced Stress

A cantilever with circular cross‑section is loaded by a concentrated bending force and torque. The aim of this verification example is to compare the reduced stress according to the von Mises and Tresca theories.

Frame Structure Subjected to Earthquake Loading

A two‑storey single‑bay frame structure is subjected to earthquake loading. Modulus of elasticity and cross‑section of the frame beams are much larger than those of the columns so the beams can be considered rigid. Elastic response spectrum is given by the SIA 261/1:2003 standard.

Analysis of Plates Subjected to Different Load Types

A simply supported rectangular plate is subjected to different load types. Assuming only small deformation theory and neglecting self-weight, determine the deflection at its centroid for each load type.

Bending of Simply Supported Triangular Plate

A simply supported equilateral triangular plate is subjected to uniformly distributed transversal load. Assuming small deformation theory and neglecting self‑weight, the maximum out‑of‑plane deflection of the plate is determined.

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