Verification Example

A membrane is stretched by means of isotropic prestress between two radii of two concentric cylinders not lying in a plane parallel to the vertical axis. Find the final minimal shape of the membrane - the so-called helicoid, and determine the surface area of the resulting membrane. The add-on module RF-FORM-FINDING is used for this purpose. Elastic deformations are neglected both in RF-FORM-FINDING and in analytical solution, also self-weight is neglected in this example.

RFEM Programa principal
RFEM 5.xx

Programa principal

Software de engenharia estrutural para análises de elementos finitos (AEF) de estruturas planas e espaciais constituídas por lajes, paredes, vigas, sólidos e elementos de contacto

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3.540,00 USD
RFEM Estruturas de Membranas

Módulo adicional

Determinação da forma (form-finding) de estruturas de membranas e de cabos

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1.750,00 USD