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A member was divided by several nodes. When I apply the imperfections, each partial member gets it own imperfection.

How can I define an imperfections across all partial members?


If a member consists of several partial members, you need to specify in the definition of the imperfection, to which objects the imperfection should refer to. You have the following options to do this:

The imperfection has an influence on one member or independently on several members.

Member List
The imperfection acts on the entirety of the members to be specified in a list. The predeformations and inclinations are therefore not applied individually to a member, but as a total imperfections to all member of the member list. By means of a member list, the imperfections can be applied so as to coverer several members without having to define continuous members.

Sets of Members
The imperfection acts on a set of members or on several sets of members. Like for a member list, the parameters are applied to all the members contained in a set of members.

The automatic creation of imperfections or imperfect systems with the add-on modules RSIMP/RF-IMP is possible.

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