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I have modeled a floor slab that is supported on a wall, but I want the wall to absorb only axial forces. That's why I have inserted a line release between the surfaces.

Then, I have defined the line release in such a way that releases are available for all internal forces except for the forces in direction u-x.

Now, the slab is deformed without being supported by the wall, though no release was defined for u‑x. Where is the mistake?


In this case, a line release is the right structural element to define the connection between the single surfaces. The release definitions of the line release, however, do not refer to the internal forces within the surface but to the local coordinate system of the line release.

So, if you want to transfer nothing but axial forces into the wall, don't define a release for the direction u‑z. Furthermore, you have to set all other release directions to be hinged.

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