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Authorization fails when starting the program. It seems that the dongle is defect. What can I do?


Using the following link, you can download a program that helps you write the data of the computer's hardlock (dongle) or network dongle into a file:


First, unpack the file KeyDump_HASP4.zip and execute the file KeyDump.exe in the unpacked folder. A small tool opens where you will see the hardlock displayed below "License Information". If it is not displayed, the dongle may be defect, or the driver is not installed correctly.

Usually, dongle drivers are installed automatically when you install RFEM or RSTAB. If this did not occur, the dongle driver can also be installed manually. Use the following link to download the current driver from the manufacturer of your operating system:


Furthermore, you should check the following: 

  • Make sure that only the hardlock of Dlubal Software is plugged into the USB port during the installation. Remove dongles of other manufacturers.

  • A successful installation on Windows systems requires administrator rights.

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