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Please fill in the form on the right and upload the relevant files. For example, include the final stage of your analysis model, structure pictures or photos as well as the project information (e.g. construction or project description).

The project data and documentation are treated as confidential and will not be passed on, of course.

Please make sure to not infringe any rights in the publication and have the approval of the building owner and all companies involved, if necessary.


Are you interested in publishing your project designed with programs by Dlubal Software on our website and in our Customer Projects brochure? Since a lot of people visit our website everyday, publishing your project can be effective and free advertising for your company.

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If your project enters our gallery, we will thank you with a 100 € voucher that you can redeem with your next purchase of Dlubal Software products. The voucher is valid for three years.

Moreover, we link from our well-ranked website to your home page which may improve the ranking of your website.

Each customer can submit a maximum of two customer projects per year.