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Back to Roots: Classicism


21 September 2023


Construction Industry



Luisa Ruthe

Between 1770 and 1840, an old construction method showed itself in a new guise. To this day, classicism brought forth famous and well-known landmarks, inspired by ancient buildings. What constitutes classicism, and what can we learn from it in our modern construction industry?

Playful and Private: Rococo Architecture

14 September 2023




Luisa Ruthe

The massive pomp gave way to playful, but considered accents, without appearing too overloaded: Intimacy and coziness instead of forced display of wealth and power. The Rococo period inspired us with a whole series of interesting buildings and thoughts that can serve as an inspiration for our modern construction industry.

International Sales Workshop in Prague 2023

11 September 2023




Luisa Ruthe

We kept looking at the calendar with great anticipation and now it was finally time again: On September 6 to September 10, our international sales workshop took place in Prague. It feels like an eternity since we were last together. The agenda included news on the distribution of Dlubal programs worldwide.

Baroque Architecture: Grandiosity, Magnificence, and Drama

Called Era of Contrasts, Baroque produced the most magnificent castles and churches in Europe. Absolute power and the church demonstrated their power in the form of Baroque architecture. What defines the Baroque architecture, and can we even learn something from it for modern building?

Panic, Cover-Up, and Hurricane – Citigroup Center

In 1977, the seventh tallest skyscraper in New York was opened: the Citicorp Center. Just a year later, it turned out: It could collapse, killing half of Manhattan. A mistake in the structural design almost led to a disaster. How did it come about? You can find this out in our post.

Something Old, Something New: Renaissance Architecture

The renaissance is considered a rediscovery of antiquity and was lived in all sectors of the public, especially in Italy: culture, art, education, as well as architecture. What distinguishes the Renaissance architecture, and what can we learn from it in the modern construction industry?

Crafthunt: Job Dating via App

Every 11 minutes, someone falls in love... a construction manager! Our guest, Patrick, is one of the founders of Crafthunt, a special job platform for the construction industry, which is supposed to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. We also talk about exciting topics, such as AI in construction.

Magnificent, Sophisticated, and Elaborated: Gothic Architecture

Typical pointed arches, high, soaring towers, and elaborated decorations abound in Gothic Cathedrals of the Middle Ages. What is different in the Gothic architecture and what can we learn from it in the modern construction industry?

Building? Sustainably, please!

Today, Moritz Menge is our guest again! We talk about the second edition of his book and important topics in the construction industry. How can we avoid mistakes on a construction site? You can find out that and much more in this new episode of the Dlubal Podcast!

Romanesque as Inspiration for Today's Construction

Magnificently solid buildings, such as churches, castles, and monasteries, with their small windows and striking round arches: This is how we know the architecture of the Romanesque period. What can we learn from this construction style? In this blog post, we take you on a journey into the European Middle Ages!

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