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High-Level Responsibility – What does a site engineer do?

Without them, chaos will probably break out at some point, even on the smallest construction sites: Construction managers have a lot of responsibility. What tasks does a site manager have to do? Is it more difficult as a woman to survive in this job? Our guest today, Laura Kreisel, answers our questions. We are excited to see what she has to say! You too? Then read it directly!

Product Manager at Dlubal Software

There are bright minds behind every good software – and the Dlubal Software structural analysis programs are not an exception. Our product managers have a similar task as the steel structure behind the facade of a building: They connect the most important parts together.

Parametric Design in Construction and Architecture

What does parametric design actually mean? In our first English episode, we talk to the architect Jungwho Park. He tells us about his work, his inspirations, and gives us an insight on how the construction industry could change in the future. Sounds exciting? It is! Read the summary of the interview here.

Lending Construction Machines – Digitally and Sustainably

When it comes to digitization, the construction industry comes off very badly. Our guest today, Florian Handschuh, is a co-founder of the “klarx” rental platform, and gives us an insight into the digital rental of construction machines. How does this work and how is this offer being accepted by our conservative industry? Are you just as excited as we are? Read on now!

Start-ups in Construction

I have an idea and need money to make it true! That is the basic message of a start-up. You can find new start-ups pretty much everywhere these days – except in the construction industry. We have wondered why there are so few start-ups in the construction industry. Is it the basic attitude of the industry towards innovations? Is it more difficult to set up a start-up in this area? Fortunately, we have Moritz Lönhoff as our guest today. He is an expert on start-ups and explains it to us. Curious? Enjoy reading!

Can concrete be sustainable?

Sustainability? Yes, please! This topic is becoming more and more important. Due to the high CO2 emissions in cement production, concrete as the end product has a very bad reputation. So do we have to do without concrete in the future? Or can concrete also be sustainable? Today, Simone Stürwald is a guest in our podcast and we are excited to see what she can tell us on this topic.

Benefits of BIM in Structural Analysis

What advantages does BIM actually provide for a structural analysis? That's the subject of this podcast episode. The opportunities provided by BIM are still being used too rarely and there is a need to catch up. Hear and read about the steps that are necessary to keep up with digitization in the construction industry.

BIM Workflow – Data Exchange and Interfaces

In this episode, you will learn more about the different types of BIM, their advantages, and disadvantages. There is still a gap between theory and practice. Read about the problems that need to be solved in the future and the goals that remain to be achieved.

Building with Carbon Concrete – The Future of Construction?

As we know, reinforced concrete is not necessarily durable and needs to be refurbished or replaced on a regular basis. This also causes problems to our environment; after all, concrete is a real climate killer. The construction industry's hope is now on carbon concrete. What is this new construction method about and will it be able to prevail? We are looking forward to our interview with the carbon concrete expert Dr. Alexander Schumann.

When Earth Quakes – Structural Analysis and Earthquakes

We, engineers, prefer it static. In well-known seismic zones, however, we also have to deal with the dynamics. It is our job to ensure that a construction project is safe in a seismic zone. But how exactly do earthquakes occur and how can we ensure that there will be as little damage as possible? You will learn that and more in this episode. Enjoy reading!

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