Quality Policy

Dlubal - Professional Software for Structural Analysis & Design

Since 1987, Dlubal Software has continuously developed and optimized user-friendly and powerful programs for structural analysis and design.

With more than 280 employees at 10 locations providing continuous software support, Dlubal Software has gained more than 86,000 satisfied users worldwide.

  • Company Building of Dlubal Software in Tiefenbach (Upper Palatinate)

Quality Management of Dlubal Software


The development, testing, sales and support of structural analysis software for structural design and FEM by Dlubal Software are certified for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The benchmark for the quality of our products and services is the satisfaction of our customers and business partners with our customer service, our technical support services, the training offer, and the satisfaction of the users with regard to our software application.


Support & Learning

Dlubal Software products are tailored to general engineering calculations. Qualified specialist hotline provides users with the technical support for the software. The different levels of the service are regulated in service contracts. Basically, every user can ask our service team technical questions. Dlubal Software takes all these questions seriously and answers them within the scope of the existing service contracts and other agreements.

The customer support is characterized by a prompt and quick response time, which delivers an answer within 24 hours on weekdays, if possible. Suitable personnel of Dlubal Software is flexibly available according to the amount of questions and requests received. The customers with a valid service contract always have priority over the customers without a service contract.

In order to ensure the correct software operation, Dlubal Software provides technical training sessions for the programs. A training allows users to get quickly familiar with the software under the guidance of qualified specialists.



The aim of our open and sincere sales advice is to provide the optimum combination of the program and add‑on modules for a customer. We discuss the ideal program configuration which is required for the purpose intended. In addition to the technical requirements, the budget limits specified by the customer are considered as well.

Shipping and delivery of the software is accomplished immediately in accordance with legal regulations and requirements. If delays in delivery occur, the customer is informed proactively.



Dlubal Software products are accompanied by informative marketing measures to ensure the potential users receive all important information about new versions and updates. Advertising and marketing campaigns of Dlubal Software are always based on the actual scope of the Dlubal Software products. Users have the possibility to regularly obtain first-hand information through various media such as website, newsletters, webinars, information days, fairs, or any other channels.


Quality Assurance of Dlubal Software Programs

Dlubal Software programs are subjected to continuous quality control. All program parts have to undergo comprehensive automated and manual testing before the program is released. The software is tested for its usability and practical application on the basis of reference examples. In this process, all bugs are documented in writing, evaluated, and corrected, if relevant. New versions are released by the authorized people (quality controllers in the first instance and then management) after the completion of all relevant tests and the positive assessment of the test results.


Dealing with Software Problems

Dlubal Software pursues an open communication of reported problems or malfunctions in order to prevent any damage caused to the customer by using the software. Program errors are systematically documented and subjected to the correction process. Technical customer support helps users to detect program bugs and provides a remedy by means of possible workarounds. When releasing a new version, the most important corrections are published online in the form of update reports.


Qualified Specialists and Continuing Professional Development

Dlubal Software GmbH has qualified specialists (usually structural engineers or mechanical engineers) available at customer support disposal. New employees are trained for customer support and they attend special seminars, if required. Dlubal Software pursues the culture of lifelong learning and supports the employees in their own initiatives for advanced learning and professional development. The corporate culture is characterized by mutual support and knowledge sharing among all employees.


Communication with Customers and Business Partners

All employees of Dlubal Software are expected to have a friendly, willing and polite manner in any kind of communication with customers or business partners. Our top priority is to provide full satisfaction of our customers or business partners as a part of the guaranteed service.


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