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Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge in Neckartenzlingen, Germany

Building and Structural Planning Miebach Engineering Office
Lohmar, Germany

Length: ~ 96 m | Width: ~ 12 m | Height: ~ 2.5 m
Number of Nodes: 235 | Members: 152 | Cross-Sections: 14

The S‑shaped pedestrian and cycling bridge with the straight middle section across the Neckar river in Neckartenzlingen, Germany, has a total length of 96.30 m and a width of 3.00 m.

Pavilions at Oslo Airport in Gardermoen, Norway

Planning, Fabrication, Assembly Blumer-Lehmann AG
Gossau, Switzerland
Structural Engineering SJB.Kempter.Fitze AG
Eschenbach/Frauenfeld, Switzerland

The following data relate to Pavilion M1.

Length: ~ 27 m | Width: ~ 19 m | Height: ~ 5 m
Number of Nodes: 3,216 | Members: 4,066 | Cross-Sections: 47

In the new terminal of the international airport Oslo-Gardermoen, five pavilions have been built to provide a space for duty‑free shops and restaurants. Blumer‑Lehmann AG, in cooperation with Lindner Group, planned, fabricated and assembled the freely shaped timber structures.

Wooden Sculpture Edy in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Structural Engineering sblumer ZT GmbH
Graz, Austria

Length: ~ 18 m | Width: ~ 18 m | Height: ~ 19 m
Nodes: 547 | Members: 1,378 | Surfaces: 639 | Finite Elements: 95,557

A 19‑metre‑high, walkable wooden skier named Edy was the symbolic figure of the World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz.

The monument is a large replica of the deceased skier Edy Reinalter from St. Moritz. Edy the sculpture, with a total weight of 18 tons, accompanied all ceremonies in Kulm Park, such as projections, dance and climbing shows, and TV presentations.

Five-Storey Timber Passive House in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis, Thermal Insulation, Energy Balancing, Architectural Acoustics
Pirmin Jung Deutschland GmbH
Sinzig, Germany

Length: ~ 21 m | Width: ~ 21 m | Height: ~ 15 m
Nodes: 212 | Members: 55 | Surfaces: 40 | Finite Elements: 13,398

More and more cities and towns, especially in southern Germany, are open for multi‑storey timber buildings. The wood construction company Müllerblaustein Holzbau GmbH has convinced the German city of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance of this apartment building concept.

St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Structural Engineering Moses Structural Engineers Inc.
Toronto, Canada

The following data refer to the biggest dome:
Length: ~ 13 m | Width: ~ 13 m | Height: ~ 23 m | Weight: 26 t
Number of Nodes: 404 | Members: 691 | Cross‑Sections: 24

St. Elias Church is designed in the architectural style known as ‘Boyko’, from the western part of Ukraine. This distinctive style features iconic copper clad domes, 23 metres high at their peaks and visible from a great distance around the church.

Butadiene Storage Sphere in La Wantzenau, France

Structural Engineering Cedeti ingénierie
Hœrdt, France

Number of Nodes: 3,636 | Surfaces: 634 | Finite Elements: 144,030

The production unit of the company ARLANXEO Emulsion Rubber France located in La Wantzenau, France, is one of the biggest producers of synthetic rubber NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) in the world. Nitrile rubber is resistant to oil and is used for manufacturing cables, gaskets, hoses, brake pads and safety boots, among other things.

Distribution Centre for North American Supermarkets

Structural Engineering NEDCON B.V.
Doetinchem, Netherlands

The following data refer to the racking system:
Length: ~ 55 m | Width: ~ 38 m | Height: ~ 22 m | Weight: 408 t
Nodes: 10,723 | Members: 9,860 | Cross‑Sections: 17 | Materials: 4

In 2016, NEDCON got the assignment to install the steelwork for two fully automated distribution centers for two supermarket companies. One distribution center is located in the US state of Michigan and the other distribution center in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Sky Walk in Dolní Morava, Czech Republic

Structural Engineering TAROS-NOVA s.r.o.
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Czech Republic

Length: ~ 55 m | Width: ~ 56 m | Height: ~ 62.8 m | Weight: 408 t
Nodes: 2,499 | Members: 6,248 | Cross-Sections: 78 | Materials: 8

A unique structure called Sky Walk has been built in Dolní Morava, Czech Republic, under the Králický Sněžník mountain at a height of 1,116 m, and is unprecedented in Central Europe.

The Sky Walk is a look‑out trail leading up to 58.5 m above the surrounding hilly terrain level, being visible at a distance of several kilometers.

Wooden Airship Gulliver Above DOX Centre in Prague, Czech Republic

Structural Engineering Ing. Zbyněk Šrůtek (timber, steel, membrane)
Česká Skalice, Czech Republic

Length: ~ 42 m | Width: ~ 10 m | Height: ~ 24 m | Weight: 56.6 t
Nodes: 6,102 | Members: 12,257 | Cross-Sections: 30 | Materials: 7

At the beginning of December 2016, a giant wooden airship 'suspended' above the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, the Czech Republic, has been opened to the public.

The unique airship structure made of timber and steel has been named ‘Gulliver’ and will serve as a space for literature related to the themes of DOX’s exhibitions.

Frigate as Stage Setting for Theme Park in Les Espesses, France

Structural Engineering Engineering Office MAyA
Bordeaux, France
Celorio, Spain

Length: ~ 12 m | Width: ~ 5 m | Height: ~ 10 m
Number of Members: 165 | Cross‑Sections: 7 | Materials: 4

The historical theme park Puy du Fou opened the season 2016 with its new big spectacle ‘Le Dernier Panache’ telling the glorious fate of a French naval officer, a hero of the American Revolutionary War. Among the many stage settings of the spectacle is the one of the frigate, a warship known for its speed at the end of the 18th century.

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Successful Project with RFEM and RSTAB

“The art project 'Solhjul' was designed with the programs RSTAB and RFEM. The great support by Dlubal Software contributed to the success of the project.”

Project: Art Project "Solhjul" in Give, Denmark

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