Why Dlubal Software?

Why you should choose Dlubal Software


Certified acc. DIN EN ISO 9001

Development, testing, sale, and support of Dlubal Software is certified for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

With the stand-alone program RWIND Simulation, wind flows around simple or complex structures can be simulated by means of a digital wind tunnel.

The generated wind loads acting on these objects can be imported to RFEM or RSTAB.

Compelling Argument for Dlubal Software

"'I am very surprised by the positive response because it is not so common to pay such attention to users (and I am not even a customer yet). Therefore, I would like to express my enthusiasm and thank you very much. This is clearly a compelling argument to join the circle of Dlubal Software users.'"

There are many convincing arguments in favour of Dlubal Software.
Find a small selection on this page.

  1. Universal Software

    • The software can perform many different tasks
    • All you need is a training session, practice, a service contract, and a contact person
  2. Modular Concept

    • You can buy only the modules that you really need
    • The module is purchased only if there is a purchase order for it
    • Flexible usage of frequently required main programs (RFEM or RSTAB) and less frequently required add‑on modules as a network version in a variable number of licenses adaptable to your individual needs
    • The price for Service Contract is the same even if you purchase an add‑on module later on
  3. Free Support and Service

    • Professional support by 16 experienced engineers
    • Free support via email and chat
    • Free access to 24/7 online support (FAQs, Forum, Videos, Webinars, etc.)
    • Optional service contract with phone and TeamViewer support
  4. Short Learning Time

    • The software is intuitive / self-explanatory
    • Many videos and webinars available on the Internet for learning on your own
  5. Nationally and Internationally Respected and Proven Software

    • New colleagues already know the software from their studies or from a different employer
    • The software has been verified by official testing engineers and clients
    • High market share (over 45 000 users in 95 countries)
    • Popular among students and universities
    • Structural analysis software company with over 30 years of experience
  6. BIM Software

    • Integration in the standard BIM software such as Revit or Tekla
    • Many other interfaces
  7. Tools already included in the program, which in many other software companies have to be purchased separately

    • Wind and snow load generators
    • Automatic generation of load case combinations
    • Cables
    • Solid elements (RFEM)
    • 11 languages for GUI and 13 languages for printout report
    • Interfaces for data exchange with common programs and in many different formats (for example IFC, DXF, Revit, Tekla, Product Interface Steel Construction PSS, and many others)
  8. CFD Wind Simulations & Wind Load Generation

    • CFD simulation of wind flows (digital wind tunnel) around buildings or any other objects utilizing the RWIND Simulation stand-alone program.
    • Wind simulation for simple or complex structures
    • Export of generated wind loads to RFEM or RSTAB
  9. Unbeatable Graphical Input Concept

    • No need for any external CAD program to enter complex geometries
  10. Automation of Standard Procedures

    • Open architecture with high added value due to automation of standard procedures using programmable API (COM interface). Thus, you can create a solution tailored to your company needs, which leads to enormous time savings.
  11. Lifetime License Models Without Running Costs

    • Once you purchase a license, you can use the program forever
    • Discount for upgrades with Service Contract
  12. ISO Certification

    • Dlubal Software is certified company with defined quality objectives
    • Work processes are supervised through regular audits by a recognized certification authority (TÜV)

Compare the entry price and see for yourself what you get for it as well as the amount of running costs for maintenance and upgrades. We are happy to advise you.

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