Why Dlubal Software?

Enjoy Structural Analysis!

Dlubal Software is the foundation for your engineering planning. Founded in 1987, Dlubal develops user-friendly and powerful programs for your structural analysis and design.

More than 300 employees in 10 locations deliver continuous software support and optimization of the Dlubal structural analysis software every day. The reviews speak for themselves. Learn why Dlubal Software has gained more than 100,000 satisfied users worldwide.

  • Company Building of Dlubal Software in Tiefenbach (Upper Palatinate)

Dlubal Software Advantages

Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

It's getting windy here! Send your structures to the digital wind tunnel using the stand-alone program RWIND 2. It simulates wind flows around structures, regardless of whether they are simple or complex.

You can easily import the generated wind loads acting on these objects into RFEM or RSTAB and use them for your further calculations.

Compelling Argument for Dlubal Software

"I am very surprised by the positive response because it is not so common to pay such attention to users (and I am not even a customer yet). Therefore, I would like to express my enthusiasm and thank you very much. This is clearly a compelling argument to join the circle of Dlubal Software users."

There are many advantages when using Dlubal Software. Check out a small selection of the benefits below.

The sale goes far beyond the initial purchase! We continue to support our customers with access to the highest level of customer support as well as access to frequent program updates. Additionally, we are here to guide you on which Dlubal products are the right fit for your design projects.


Universal Software

  • Use one software for multiple design solutions
  • Getting started is simple with our online learning resources, training options, and Dlubal support team

Modular Structure

  • Purchase the add-ons specific to your design projects
  • Flexible options to rent or buy add-ons at a later time

Free Support / Service

  • Over 20 experienced Dlubal engineers providing professional and efficient support
  • Save on paid support: Support via email and chat is also available free of charge
  • Free 24/7 access to online learning such as <FAQ, forum, videos, webinars, and more
  • Optional Basic or Pro Service Contract for priority email, phone, and screen sharing support

Short Introductory Period

  • Stop struggling with lengthy introductory period: Learn to use the software quickly and efficiently with the intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Access free online videos, webinars, FAQ and more to learn at your own pace

Internationally Known and Recognized Software

  • Familiarity with Dlubal products across universities and companies around the world
  • Tested and reliable results for user assurance
  • Join the over 100,000 users in 95 countries who trust in Dlubal Software
  • Free university and student license access for the next generation engineers
  • Reliable and established company with over 35 years of experience

BIM-Compatible Software

  • Direct BIM integration to programs such as Revit, Tekla and AutoCAD
  • Integration to alternative programs with DXF, IFC, SAF, and other file types

Free Additional Program Features

  • Automatic wind and snow load generators according to various standards
  • Automatic load combination generators according to various standards
  • Cable, tension only, compression only, and other nonlinear member types
  • 2D surface and 3D solid FEA analysis (RFEM)
  • Multiple languages supported including 11 GUI and 13 printout report language options
  • BIM data exchange supporting various formats including IFC, DXF, Revit, Tekla, AutoCAD, and many more

CFD Wind Simulations and Wind Load Generation

  • Integrate RFEM or RSTAB structures with the stand-alone program RWIND to apply CFD wind simulation in a numerical wind tunnel
  • Determine wind pressures for all structure types including complex and unique geometries
  • Export the generated wind loads from RWIND back to RFEM or RSTAB for the structure design

Unbeatable Graphical Input Concept

  • With CAD-like input, simple to complex geometry is easily and conveniently modeled

Programmable API and Webservices Interfaces

  • Streamline your modeling workflow with the Webservices and API interfaces. Integrate data into or out of RFEM and RSTAB utilizing the Python and C# libraries.
  • Create automated solutions that are precisely tailored to your company to streamline your modeling workflow.

Flexible License Purchase Options

  • Perpetual, subscription, or rental purchasing options offered for all programs and add-ons
  • With an active Basic or Pro Service Contract, access the latest program updates and priority technical support

Customizable and Advanced Printout Reports

  • Clearly arranged data and graphic options
  • Optimized to accommodate small or large reports
  • Multiple filter functions and template settings
  • 3D PDF and other export options

Website with Extensive Free Services


Frequent Online Training Courses and Webinars

  • Online opportunities for additional training are available. Intended for all expertise levels, take advantage of the opportunities below to gain new program knowledge:
Online Training Webinars

Established Yet Growing Software Company

  • Dlubal Software is an internationally recognized and expanding company
  • Over 300 employees to ensure continuous software development and optimization
  • More than 20 support engineers to provide efficient and reliable technical support


Contact Dlubal

Do you have any questions about our products or which are best suited for your design projects? Contact us via phone, email, chat or forum or search the FAQ page, available 24/7.

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