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Dlubal Software programs and add-on modules include a wide range of powerful features.

Since our software is subject to continuous development, we are constantly adding new features. In doing so, we also take account of our customers' wishes.

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  • Flexible modular concept that can be extended as required
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Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

It's getting windy here! Send your structures to the digital wind tunnel using the stand-alone program RWIND 2. It simulates wind flows around structures, regardless of whether they are simple or complex.

You can easily import the generated wind loads acting on these objects into RFEM or RSTAB and use them for your further calculations.

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  • Modeling Tools for Building Models

    Several modeling tools are available for elements in building models:

    • Vertical line
    • Column
    • Wall
    • Beam
    • Rectangular floor
    • Polygonal floor
    • Rectangular floor opening
    • Polygonal floor opening

    This feature allows you to define the element on the ground plane (for example, with a background layer) with the associated multiple element creation in space.

  • Friction Properties for Line Releases



    RFEM 6


    You can simulate the static friction effects between two supporting components along a line using the "Friction" nonlinearity in the line release type.

  • Design of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

    The Concrete Design add-on allows you to design fiber-reinforced concrete components according to the guideline "DAfStb Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete".

    You can use this option for the design according to EN 1992‑1‑1. The design according to the DAfStb guideline is carried out once the concrete of the "Fiber Concrete" type has been assigned to the reinforced structural component.

  • Building Grid



    RFEM 6

    RSTAB 9


    The "Building Grid" guide object supports you in the design of your structure. It features intuitive grid coordinate input and grid line labeling.

    You can quickly place grids in space and label them by specifying a graded coordinate code. The grid line end modification allows you to optimize the grid appearance. Furthermore, a preview helps you to define the building grid.

  • "Crosstie" Reinforcement Option for Design According to EN 1992-1-1

    In the "Shear Reinforcement" tab, you can select the "Crossties over free rebars with active selection in graphic" option. It allows you to arrange additional crossties on free rebars of the longitudinal reinforcement.

    You can activate or deactivate the position of the crossties in the Info Graphic. The crossties are applied for the ultimate limit state design and the structural design checks. They are available for the design according to EN 1992‑1‑1.

  • Displaying RWIND Results Directly in RFEM 6

    You can display the RWIND results directly in the main program. In the Navigator - Results, select the "Wind Simulation Analysis" result type from the list above.

    Currently, the following results are available, which refer to the RWIND computational mesh:

    • Surface pressure
    • Surface cp coefficient
    • Wall distance y+ (steady flow)
  • Enhancement of Component "Member Editor"

    In the Member Editor component, you can also select the entire member as the modifying object instead of the individual member plates. This way, you can apply both operations "Notch" and "Chamfer" to several member plates.

  • STEP Interface




    You can import STEP files into RFEM 6. The data is directly converted into the native RFEM model data.

    The STEP format represents a standard interface initiated by ISO (ISO 10303). In the geometry description, all shapes relevant for RFEM (line, surface, and solid models) can be integrated by the CAD data models.

    Note: This format is not to be confused with DSTV interfaces, which also use the file extension *.stp.

  • Importing Support Forces from Other Model | Load Wizard of Level 1



    RFEM 6

    RSTAB 9


    Use the "Import Support Reactions" Load Wizard in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9 to easily transfer reaction forces from other models. The wizard allows you to connect all or several nodal and line loads of different models with each other in a few steps.

    The load transfer from load cases and load combinations can be carried out automatically or manually. It's necessary that the models are saved in the same Dlubal Center project.

    The "Import Support Reactions" load wizard supports the concept of positional statics and allows you to digitally connect the individual positions.

  • Story Type "Load Transfer Only"

    Using the "Load Transfer Only" story type, you can consider slabs without stiffness effect in and out of the plane in the Building Model add-on. This element type collects the loads on the slab and transfers them to the supporting elements of a 3D model. Thus, you can simulate secondary components, such as grillage and similar load distribution elements, without any further effect in the 3D model.

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