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  1. Figure 01 - Road Bridge over L55 near Schwarzheide, Germany

    Comparison of Girder Grillage Calculation with Calculation Using Orthotropic Plates

    Composite beams in a three-dimensional analysis are usually connected with orthotropic plates. The longitudinal direction of the plate stiffness is defined by a main beam and the transverse direction by an orthotropic plate. The stiffness of the plate in the longitudinal direction is set almost to zero. This article explains the determination of stiffnesses in the orthotropic plate.

  2. Figure 01 - Data for Determining Allowable Soil Pressure

    Determining Bearing Resistance According to EN 1997-1

    In addition to the reinforced concrete design according to EN 1992-1-1, RF-/FOUNDATION Pro allows you to perform geotechnical designs according to EN 1997-1.

    In RF-/FOUNDATION Pro, the design of the allowable soil pressure is performed as a ground failure resistance design. If you select CEN as National Annex, you have two options for defining the ground failure resistance. First, you can directly specify the allowable characteristic value of the soil pressure σRk. Second, there is also the option to analytically determine the bearing capacity according to [1], Annex D.

  3. Figure 01 - Individually Created EXCEL Tool in RFEM

    COM Interface in VBA 4: Creating Tool

    The third part of the article series about the COM interface described creating and modifying nodal supports, loads, load cases, load combinations, and result combinations on an example of a member. The fourth part explains creating individual tools.

  4. Figure 01 - Dimmed Option of Increasing Material Factor ε if Stability Analysis Active

    Determination of Effective Widths According to EN 1993-1-5, Annex E

    Eurocode 3 provides Table 5.2 for the classification of cross-section parts supported on one or two sides and various load situations. Generally, the determination of effective widths is based on the limit stresses of the structural steel used. However, in DIN 18800, the b/t limits were determined on the basis of the actual stresses in the cross-section. Thus, unfavorable limits may arise, especially for stresses below the yield strength, according to Eurocode 3.

  5. Figure 01 - Eccentricities

    Considering Member and Surface Eccentricities

    In the case of a parallel offset of the structural plane of members and surfaces, or in the case of applying an axial offset to members, the function of eccentricities may be useful.

  6. Figure 01 - Fire Curve Concepts According to DIN EN 1991-1-2

    Structural Fire Design According to EN 1993-1-2 (Fire Curves)

    Using RF-/STEEL EC3, you can apply nominal temperature-time curves in RFEM or RSTAB. The standard time-temperature curve (ETK), the external fire curve and the hydrocarbon fire curve are implemented. Moreover, the program provides the option to directly specify the final temperature of steel. This steel temperature can be calculated using the parametric temperature-time curve, as described in the Annex to DIN EN 1992-1-2. The different fire exposures are explained in this article.

  7. Figure 01 - Basic Shapes of Membrane Structures [4]

    Specific Requirements of Membrane Structures

    This paper is focused on the specific aspects of designing membrane structures. These structures have specific requirements such as form-finding and cutting patterns generation. These topics are the focus of many research works and there are many methods proposed to achieve the desired results. However in this paper these issues will be discussed more from the practical point of view than from the theoretical one. The paper will be followed by examples, which will complement the discussed topic and show the special attention required during the design process.

  8. Figure 01 - Model A

    Influence of Connection Stiffnesses on Design of Members and Connections

    Building in existing structures has always been an area of expertise for engineers. Additional loads often have to be added to the existing buildings. In this case, steel girders with end plates and dowel connections are frequently used.

  9. Figure 01 - Weld Stresses in Fatigue Design

    Fatigue Limit State Design of Rail Welds of Crane Girders According to EN 1993-6

    Based on the technical article about the ultimate limit state design of rail welds, the following explanation refers to the process of fatigue design of rail welds. In particular, this article explains in detail the effects of considering the eccentric wheel load of ¼ of the rail head width.

  10. Figure 01 - Internal Stresses, Neutral Axis Position and Crack Depth in Case of Cooling Slab on Both Sides [2]

    Determination of Minimum Reinforcement for Centric Restraint on Thick Structural Components According to DIN EN 1992-1-1

    In general, avoiding cracking in concrete structures is neither possible nor necessary. However, cracking must be limited in a way that the proper use, appearance and durability of the structure are not affected. Therefore, limiting the crack width does not mean preventing crack formation, but restricting the crack width to harmless values.

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