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Find Your Project's Snow, Wind, and Seismic Loads with Google Maps

The search function, based on Google Maps, establishes the corresponding location to determine the following:

  • Snow:
    • Snow load zone
    • Characteristic value of snow load sk
  • Wind:
    • Wind zone
    • Basic wind velocity vb,0
    • Basic velocity pressure qb
  • Earthquake:
    • Seismic zone
    • Peak ground acceleration agR
    • Period, risk coefficient, and so on
  • Tornados (US only):
    • Design wind speed V

The print function shows all initial values for snow, wind, and seismic actions that are necessary for load assumptions. Therefore, special areas in the Harz, Deister, and the North German Plain are included in the database.

Use the print function to get an overview of all input values for snow, wind, and seismic actions required for the load calculations.

Although the data can be manually transferred to external programs, an additional web application is available for automated data transfer. Of course, that makes things a lot easier for you.

More Information About Control via API or Web Service

The Geo-Zone Tool operates with map data and services provided by Google LLC. These Google services are not provided free of charge, which requires you to assume this financial responsibility.

For unrestricted map use, purchase a Geo-Zone Tool package in the Dlubal Webshop:

  • Geo-Zone Tool | 500 requests
  • Geo-Zone Tool | 5,000 requests

These packages are not limited to one user, but can be used by all employees affiliated with the Dlubal company account.

Snow Load, Wind Speed, and Seismic Load Maps Geo-Zone Tool in the webshop


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Find Your Google Maps Location and Determine Loads

You should never neglect the environmental influences. The Geo-Zone Tool on the website Snow Load, Wind Speed, and Seismic Load Maps contains special zoning maps. Use these maps to quickly determine snow loads, wind speeds, and seismic data for many countries according to ASCE 7, NBC, Eurocode, and other international standards. Here you can find everything quickly at a glance.