Service Contract

Service Contract

Service contracts

With the service contract, you can keep your Dlubal Software programs up to date. In this way, we provide regular updates as well as preferential treatment in the case of hotline support via e-mail and fax.

The Service Contract Pro provides additional support over the phone as well as online support using video-conference, if required.

Great Support

“Thanks as usual for the great support.”

Benefit from your service contract

Customer service is a fundamental pillar of the Dlubal Software company philosophy. Our interest in customers does not end at the point of sale. We offer any necessary support you need to complete your daily work.

For all Dlubal Software programs based on the Windows operating system, we offer two types of service contracts:

  • Service Contract Basic
  • Service Contract Pro

Provisions of Service Contract Basic

  • Maintenance of the current and previous program version
  • Automatic updates delivery (bug fixes, minor program modifications) for all programs of the program family for which the service contract was concluded (up to three times per year, download via your account at Dlubal Software)
  • Preferential treatment for hotline service by e-mail or fax
  • Benefits for future upgrades of the main programs (major program developments with costs)

Provisions of Service Contract Pro

Covers all provisions of the Service Contract Basic and the following additional provisions:
  • Support on phone and immediate call-back guaranteed if you cannot speak to our service technician at the moment
  • Online support using video-conference, if necessary
  • Benefits for future upgrades of the main programs (major program developments with costs)

Service Contract prices in EUR per year

Program Service Contract Basic
Service Contract Pro




RFEM + add-on modules 500.00 100.00 900.00 150.00
RSTAB + add-on modules 400.00 100.00 800.00 150.00
RX-TIMBER 400.00 100.00 800.00 150.00
SHAPE-THIN 200.00 50.00 400.00 100.00
SHAPE-MASSIVE 200.00 50.00 400.00 100.00
CRANEWAY 200.00 50.00 400.00 100.00
PLATE-BUCKLING 200.00 50.00 400.00 100.00
COMPOSITE-BEAM 200.00 50.00 400.00 100.00

All prices are net prices excluding the statutory VAT.

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