Service Contract

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Benefit from Your Service Contract

We offer you the following two service contract levels for all Dlubal Software programs:

  • Service Contract Basic
  • Service Contract Pro

Benefits of Service Contract Basic

  • Access to the latest program version available in your Dlubal Extranet account
  • Access to program updates (minor program modifications, code and standard updates, and so on), including design add-ons
  • Preferred treatment in email hotline support

Benefits of Service Contract Pro

Includes all Service Contract Basic benefits plus the following:

  • Priority phone tech support, including prompt callback when necessary
  • Online support via Internet video conferencing

Service Contract Prices in USD per Year

Product Basic Pro
First License Next License First License Next License
RFEM 6 900.00 450.00 1,340.00 670.00
RFEM 6 – Add-on 110.00 60.00 170.00 80.00
RSTAB 9 670.00 340.00 1,120.00 560.00
RSTAB 9 – Add-on 110.00 60.00 170.00 80.00
RSECTION 1 450.00 220.00 560.00 280.00
RSECTION 1 – Add-on 110.00 60.00 170.00 80.00
RWIND 2 560.00 280.00 1,010.00 500.00

You need to additionally purchase the service contract for add-ons. All prices are excluding tax/VAT.

Terms and Conditions

You can download the Service Contract for RFEM 6 as a PDF file to view the general terms and conditions.

Download Link | Service Contract RFEM 6
You will receive the Service Contract for the other main programs RSTAB 9, RSECTION 1, and RWIND 2 during the consultation with our sales department.
We provide reliable, fast support.

Customer service is a fundamental pillar of the Dlubal Software company philosophy. Interest in our customers does not end at the point of sale. We provide any necessary support you need to complete your daily work.