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Your account is divided into different areas where you can find the respective information. You can log in to the Dlubal Extranet here:

Dlubal Extranet

My Messages

This part is almost self-explanatory. Here you will find extranet news, informing you about new versions of our programs or webinar recordings, for example. Furthermore, this area contains an overview of all newsletters you have received by email. This allows you to refer to past emails in case you are looking for something specific.

My Data

Has your email address or phone number changed? In this area, you can view and change your user data, if necessary. Furthermore, you can find your support activities (emails, calls) with our responses.


This is one of the most important areas for you. Here you will find the data of your company (name, address, and so on), users, your service contracts, and your offers and invoices (only for users with administrator rights), as well as vouchers.


In this area, you will find an overview of purchased products or trial versions as well as overviews of license configurations and current online license sessions. You can also download your current authorization files here.

Products to Download

In this area you can find the current versions of our programs, which you can download at any time. Older versions are also available for download. Furthermore, you can see an overview of Dlubal products with the corresponding prices.


Would you like to submit problems/bugs in the programs and view all bug reports (including their status) as well as the fixed bugs? Then you are in the right place.

Moreover, we list the submitted and newly implemented features here. You can even submit your own desired features.

All information and data in one place

The Dlubal Extranet is an integral part of the website and programs. Within your account, you will find customized information for you and your company. The Extranet is also where you can download the current Dlubal program versions.